Established in 1995, Party Over Here Productions (POHP ) Events is an Atlanta-based social events company providing specialty lighting and design, audio & visuals, chivari chairs and other party rentals for weddings, corporate affairs, conventions, and other social events. 


POHP has made MultiGenius Media their #1 draft pick to run a full scale re-branding of their online presence...Web + Mobile + Social. The web based and mobile platform will be built on the new HTML 5 technology. By using the new HTML platform, we will be leveraging the best of both worlds, a web presence that is designed to function as a Mobile App across any smart device regardless of operating system - that means any Droids, Windows and Apple devices too. Moreover, the new POHP website will possess all the capabilities of Web 2.0 technology and services. 


As for the Social landscape, MGM will curate all of POHP's content across the web providing a 360 degrees solution. Making their social media efforts - seamless and measurable, while keeping their content and social activities consistent. Ultimately, expanding the companies online presence and providing a baseline for new sales and marketing campaigns. A rebranding event will be announced later this summer so stay tuned.


So now that you know all of the particulars - Your Presence is Requested...

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Mobile App usage is up now what!!

So reading one of my fave tech blogs today where they published a Nielsen infographic related to the inclination of mobile application usage and downloads from 2011 to 2012. So I am all hype, absoring the data in its pretty blues and yellows. Then my critical thinking faculties kick in...


What does this mean to app devs like myself?? Mo' Money Mo' Money right??? (In my Damon Wayans voice)


Not exactly... two things that would of been better received in the graphic for me, what is the percentage between free app download/usage versus paid app download/usage??? I believe as smart phone sales increase quite naturally app downloads/usage will follow. Unfortunately, this info has little resonance with apptrepreneur's ready to go to market with our new ideas and tech concepts.


Why you ask???


Until we have standard set of tools to build and manage mobile applications that support all devices consistently, it is increasingly difficult for app devs to fully take advantage of these new users. For example, Its like giving a kid a bag of M&M's and saying you can only eat the blue one's...Try that with a eight year old and tell me how that works out.


All of the big players with the resources to take advantage of this bustling app boom i.e... Facebook, Twitter and so forth, they have an existing user base which makes it low risk to take their platforms mobile so the return supports the investment.


But what about about the little guys here to slay the Goliath's with innovation. There are tons of great ideas out there but most can barely afford to produce quality iPhone/iPad apps (higher revenue potential). Let alone, going through Apple's badgering app approval process only to get the Heisman stiff arm after you have exhausted your resources, crashed your iMac and need those special pills to sleep at night  (someone's a little bitter) . 


So I am shouting with my iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S held high. No Standard across all platforms, No Progress!!!


Maybe HTML 5 will be the answer...But thats a whole different conversation. In saying all this, I am still optimistic that someone out there is listening to my cries( and not my mom). The Pursuit of Appiness Take 2!!




Music Apps for your Mobile Soul.

In my opinion, one of best ways to discover new music are through mobile applications, with multiple options available you can easily design and share your own radio station. These tools leverage unique technologies to aggregate music based on genre, artist and musical style to capture our preferences. Others offer access to vast databases of licensed music like an  "All you can eat buffet" for a monthly price. Truthfully, the info I provide below is just the tip of the iceberg...


Here are in my opinion the top 3 free radio players on the market. 


PANDORA - Started back in 2000, as the Genome project and rated the top music applications for mobile device and desktop computer. I might add that they are even building it in to car audio systems like Buick and BMW.


  • Pros: Super Reliable on all hardware and Intelligent radio player that really captures your musical preferences. Simple & Comprehensive Design. Compatible across all devices.
  • Cons: Lacks way to cache your favorite songs if you do not have internet signal and poor use of Social Media.


LAST.FM 12 millions songs - Founded in 2002 similar to the Pandora engine this system builds songs based of your musical tastes (AudioScrobbler). This system works on your mobile device, desktop and Xbox gaming center.


  • Pros:  Very feature-rich tool, you can find out where and when your favorite artists are touring. Social Media + Location. This means you can listen to other users playlist in your vicinity or abroad and access each others playlist while sharing through the Social outlets Twitter, Facebook etc... They have also developed a technology called "scrobble" where you can integrate your songs from the radio player with 3rd parties like Spotify or Rdio. 
  • Cons:  Maybe too many features for the average listener (nerds rejoice), some stability issues. No iPad app. Lacks cache capabilities (way to play/store music if no mobile signal)


SLACKER 25 million songs - Founded in 2004. Their engine is unique in the fact that it is built by DJ's who develop pre-programmed artist stations i.e Holiday music, Oldies, Underground Hip-Hop etc..). The platform supports computer desktop, mobile phones and tablets including Blackberry .


  • Pros:  Flexibility, they support most if not all platforms out there, Cache feature (the ability to store songs or radio stations on your device) They offer diverse programming if you like to listen to ESPN radio or ABC news content. Advance settings to tweak radio stations, Published Lyrics
  • Cons: Clunky design and Boring interface. No Facebook sharing or crowdsourcing. iPad app crashes a lot...


There are even more options on the marketplace but these you have to give a little to get...$


Music Subscription services are designed to fulfill those of us with larger musical appetites. Especially the control freaks who want more options over their music library. To break it down into lamens terms - the music subscription tools are like leasing that Audi A8L  versus dropping 60k to drive it of the lot .  


Check out this infographic below. I particularly like "Rdio" its $10 bucks a month it works well for me and offers more than enough music than I can listen to in my lifetime. (Courtesy of Mashable)





Top Tips for Holiday Shopping on your Mobile Device!

Seeing as though Cyber shopping is in full effect, I thought it would be fitting to discuss tips to getting your Holiday splurge on via your mobile device.


According to the Examiner, 60% of consumers will buy holiday gifts with their celly's this year (Sybase National Survey), I think that's an amazing stat considering the fact that smart-phones/tablets are still a new technology.


I guess it would be safe to assume that on the eve of 2012 about half of US households own some kind of smart mobile device (SMD). They're our precious little devices that seem to rule our daily lives right? Providing us convenient ways to communicate, capture life's moments, surf the web, etc...


It has all but become the norm to spend $9.99 on a new album or movie in the App store or bag the "Mighty Eagle" for $.99 through an Angry Bird in-app purchase (Ok might be more personal).  


Okay 10 bucks not much skin in the game right...But what is your comfort level with ponying up that $150 for a Nintendo DS or those Dre Beats Headphones for your munchkins this holiday season from the celly?


I figure its been safe enough to pay my mobile bill, even when I've racked up overage charges for minutes or data ...Ugh! 


So go ahead and start harnessing the power of that little necessary evil in your hand that you use to text your friends on - even when venting about your shopping frustrations.


Here are some tips or best practices for balancing out your holiday shopping meltdown.


  • Reputability: This kind of goes without saying, but I will oblige you anyway. Make certain that your purchases are made through a reputable online retailer i.e. Amazon, Best Buy, New Egg, and Toys 'R' Us. Most of them have taken the plunge and built FREE fully capable mobile applications for download. These apps provide you with rich information and content for items you are looking to buy. Moreover, if you've made a purchase and want to track the status, modify the order or find what store has inventory on location. 



  • Security: By utilizing a native app to make purchases - all of your business will be fortified behind that company's FIREWALL and not all over on the World Wide Web. Making your transaction more secure and manageable. This also holds true for services like PayPal and Google Checkout, which are two of the largest third party administrators. I highly recommend utilizing these services for big ticket items if there are no other alternatives.



  • Seamless or Easy to Use:  This is maybe the biggest benefit to our iPhones/Droids/Windows devices, the convenience of not having to go to the computer, connect to the internet, turn it on, log-in, wait for those 35 start up items (sorry Windows users) and finally open the application to type


  • Constant Connectivity:  As it stands today, most if not all phone carriers (Verizon, AT&T) provide telecommunications of both phone and web through your standard 3G, 4G, EDGE, CDMA and any other number/letter acronyms to allow you to download or upload data. This enables you to download apps, visit a website or send an email. So what this means, is that you could be sitting in the salon/barbershop or walking the dog and still have access to the internet(s). More importantly, you have access to your respective App Stores or Marketplaces to download that "Amazon or Best Buy" App, and in minutes you can be knocking out those hard-to-find shopping list items and even checking it twice.


So with all this said, mobile shopping is still very much at its early stages, but I recommend giving it a shot - you might be pleasantly surprised.  Especially if you are like me, always trying to finish up on the last weekend before the holiday when everyone has just about ransacked all the Toys 'R' US locations and you've found nothing but a half opened game system, not eaten all day and customer service has ignored you to the point of... well to expletives and pejoratives. 


Lastly, do not forget to patronize our small businesses this holiday season as long as they are utilizing a third party check out i.e. PAYPAL & GOOGLE CHECKOUT, you should be good to go (in debt that is).


Happy Christmas-Kwanzaa-Hanukkah!!




P.S> Have you seen what happens to Holiday Shoppers lately?

Talk about the Christmas spirit...


Check This years shoppers out:




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